2021 Cantor Update

Dear Students and Parents,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs have been conducted in a virtual setting since the summer of 2020. Our virtual instruction was highly successful, and we are happy to be able to keep this option available for the future.

For our upcoming Spring Program, we will continue our sessions virtually, conducting most of our lessons online and hopefully integrating in-class sessions when possible as we monitor the evolving situation. If in-class sessions become available, they will be conducted according to the COVID-19 guidelines advised by the CDC and the City of New York.

Additionally, given the unprecedented dynamics in public and private school systems, along with high demands from parents who are not satisfied with the quality of school education offerings, we are introducing small-group enrichment classes to support students’ school academics. Please refer to the program schedule for our course offerings.

Our Virtual Spring Program is open for registration. Please contact us for additional information.

Best Regards,
Cantor Prep

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